1. Introduction

The ownership of this website corresponds to ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. with registered office at C/Hondures 32-34 (08027 Barcelona) and NIF B66040577. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, ​​volume 43778, Folio 220, Sheet B438052.

Our identification and contact details are as follows:

  • ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.
  • NIF: B66040577
  • Address: C/Hondures, 32-34 (08027 Barcelona)
  • Telephone: 93 328 24 21
  • email: climamania@climamania.com

The general conditions of sale described below (hereinafter General Conditions) exclusively govern the contractual relations between all users of the Climanania.com website (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "You") and the Climanania brand, belonging to ClimaMania Sales Spain S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "Climamania").

These general conditions of sale are the only ones applicable and supersede any other general conditions, except in the case of prior, express and written cancellation. Climanania may occasionally modify the articles of its general conditions, so it is advisable that these be read each time you visit the website Climanania.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Portal"). These modifications are attributable from their publication on the Internet and may not be applied to previously concluded contracts. Each purchase on the website is governed by the general conditions applicable on the date of the order. We believe that once you have placed an order, you will have unreservedly accepted our general conditions of sale after having read them.

By accessing the Portal, you agree to respect and accept the General Conditions as well as the Conditions of Use that appear in them.

2. How to buy

You can place your order by any of the four methods that we put at your disposal and that we describe below:

  • Directly on our website: www.climamania.com (24 hours a day, every day of the year) in a simple way and with total clarity by following the steps indicated during the purchase process.
  • Sending us an email to: climamania@climamania.com using the form provided for it in the contact link that appears on our home page.
  • By ordinary mail sending us a printout of your order (indicating your e-mail) and the chosen payment method, to the following address: ClimaMania Sales Spain SL, Pedidos Clientes, C/Hondures, 32-34 (08027 Barcelona) . Once your request is received, we will confirm the acceptance of the order by email.

3. Information about the products

Climanania pays great attention to the information related to the essential characteristics of the products through technical descriptions from its collaborating companies and manufacturers, and through photographs that illustrate the products. All this is done within the limits of the technique and respecting the best market standards.

All the accessories included in the promotional packages that are for sale at www.climamania.com are accessories from both compatible brands and the manufacturer's own brands.

4. Prices

The sales prices indicated on the Portal are shown in euros. VAT and shipping costs are included in these prices unless otherwise agreed at the time of placing the order. In the cases in which the products are recorded with some type of rates, these will be included in the final price of the product and will be differentiated by the fact that in the description of the same they include an inscription that identifies them.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) is not responsible for any difference that may occur between the estimated total amount of your order in the currency of the shipping country and the billing amount in euros.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) reserves the right to modify the prices of its rate at any time. However, it undertakes to apply the rates in force indicated on the Portal at the time of placing your order.

5. Availability

It must be taken into account that orders will be shipped within the available stock limits. At the time of formalizing your purchase, our website will inform you of the estimated delivery time of the products, based both on the stock available in our warehouses and on the delivery commitments of our suppliers.

If one of the ordered items is not in stock, or we are unable to meet the estimated delivery time reported, we do not promise to send you an email within a period not exceeding 15 days (from the date you placed the order). to inform you of the term in which we can send you your product(s).

If any of the products in your order are not available, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) undertakes to send you the products available at the time of placing the order and to bear the shipping costs of the rest of the products at the time they are these are available.

In cases where the selected product cannot be found or cannot be marketed, we will offer you the possibility of sending an item of equivalent quality and price to replace said product. In the event that you do not accept said substitution, we will proceed to the total or partial refund of your purchase following your instructions. If you decide to return the product(s) and according to the conditions provided in article 9 (withdrawal period-satisfied or refunded), any expenses will be borne by ClimaMania.

The delivery estimate that we provide on our website is to be considered for information purposes only, and in no case does it have contractual value.

6. Shipping method

Products purchased at ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) unless otherwise agreed between buyer and seller, will be shipped to the entire Spanish Peninsula carriage paid at street level under the premises indicated in section 6.1. In the rest of the areas, the delivery conditions will also be those detailed in section 6.1, the amount being based on weight and destination, and will be indicated exactly before the order is formalized. In the event that you would like to receive your order in another geographical area not included in the form on our website, you must request a shipping cost estimate by sending an e-mail to climamania@climamania.com before placing your order, indicating all the data that is necessary to prepare said budget, the corresponding information will be communicated to you by sending an email within a period not exceeding 24 business hours from the receipt of your budget request, informing you of the additional shipping costs and possible taxes. or customs fees.

The purchased material will be sent to the address that appears in your order unless you indicate another delivery address in the comments section, when making your purchase.

The delivery time of your order, unless otherwise agreed between buyer and seller, will be between 2 and 4 business days through one of the transport agencies with which ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) operates. If you place your order before 1:00 p.m., it will be shipped the same day, as long as the product appears as available on the Portal and there are stocks in stock. If we do not have stock in our warehouse, the delivery time is increased by 48 hours. further.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) does everything possible to ensure that the delivery times mentioned in the Portal are met, however we inform our clients that on rare occasions the indicated period may not be met for reasons totally beyond our control, such as It may be the action of third parties (suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, customers, etc.) or due to unforeseeable or insurmountable causes such as transport strikes or force majeure.

In the event that you do not receive your order, either totally or partially within the indicated period, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will carry out a joint investigation with the carrier that could be extended for a period of up to 7 business days from from the date of departure of the expedition. Once that period of time has elapsed and if no positive result has been obtained, the order will be resent or the full amount will be refunded, according to the customer's decision.

It is essential that upon receiving your order you verify that the packaging is in perfect condition and that it corresponds to what was requested. If you detect any anomaly or deterioration in the packaging, or the delivered items do not correspond to the requested items, sign the delivery note to the carrier and indicate by hand the anomalies found upon receipt. Once the delivery note to the carrier is signed and if no incident is reflected on it, we will understand that you have received the merchandise without apparent damage, so no claim can be made on the delivered material related to damage caused by blows or incorrect handling of packages.

We inform you that it is possible that for security reasons the shipping date may be delayed by 24 hours. ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) verifies all orders paid by bank card.

In this case, all the necessary data will be requested to be able to accept your purchase.

To avoid delays in shipments, we ask you to indicate the following information when placing your order:

  • Private email address (AOL, WANADOO, TELEFÓNICA, TISCALI...) or professional.
  • Landline phone number (workplace or home) where we can reach you during ClimaMania's direct service hours.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) reserves the right to request from the order holder, depending on the volume of the order, a copy of the identity document and proof of ownership of the address to which the merchandise has been sent, which must be sent to us by email to climamania@climamania.com To proceed with the shipment of orders of a certain volume that will be determined in each case by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania).

In any case, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will not send any merchandise until full or partial payment of the order is verified, depending on the payment method chosen. Delivery times are understood from receipt of payment for the order by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania).

These security measures are reliable proof of the willingness of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) to protect its clients against possible bank fraud.

6.1 Transport and delivery conditions

The delivery conditions of the goods delivered by ClimaMania when traveling carriage paid, or through the price supplement indicated on our website will be the following:

  • The commitment to deliver the merchandise is at street level.
  • In case of specifying the entry at a certain time, ClimaMania will transmit this information to the transport agency, there being no commitment to comply since the merchandise travels by conventional transport and in many cases it is not possible to vary the previously established delivery routes.
  • In deliveries of bulky or heavy items, it is important to take into account that delivery trucks generally only have the driver, so it is the customer's responsibility to guarantee the necessary means to unload the merchandise.
  • If you need a delivery service that does not meet these conditions, contact us and we will study the possibility of offering it, as well as the cost that this entails.

7. Tax exemption

Tax exemption is possible for clients residing abroad (outside the EEC). To do this, once the merchandise has been received, the client must send us a photocopy of the invoice together with proof of ownership of the address abroad.

Once the invoice reaches customs, the User must send it to us along with their bank details through any of the options that are reflected below, and upon receipt of the same, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will proceed to refund the tax through Bank check.

8. Protected payment

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) offers you 5 payment methods:

  • By credit card (Visa or Visa Electron, Mastercard).
  • By Bank transfer.
  • Payment Financed in installments through Cetelem.
  • Payment through your Paypal account
  • Payment by Bizum

With the following limitations:

  • Payment by credit card is only available for amounts less than €3,000 and by credit cards issued by Spanish entities.
  • The payment financed in installments is subject to the approval of the Cetelem entity.
  • Payment by Paypal is only available for amounts less than €1,500.

If you choose to pay by card, the amount will be charged at the time the order is placed, as long as you have obtained prior authorization from your bank or savings bank. If, on the other hand, the payment is not authorized, your order will be cancelled.

Card payment security:

To guarantee confidentiality in the transfer of data on the Internet, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) uses a security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is accepted by the vast majority of browsers. This system ensures the identity of the seller, guarantees the integrity of the message and encodes the data with up to 128-bit encryption (it would take thousands of years for the most powerful computer in the world to decode the message), which guarantees that if someone intercepts the communication will not be able to interpret it.

Safe browser. To verify that secure communication is used when sending information over the Internet, you have to look if the 'https://' in the upper box where the address is written becomes 'https://', ​​or if in the lower part to the right of the most common browsers appears a closed padlock.

For the bank transfer option, the shipment will be made at the time the transfer is received in the ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) account.

9. Right of revocation

All the data contained in a digital support (memory card, hard disk, etc.) forwarded to ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) by the User cannot be recovered. The aforementioned deadlines apply from the day of receipt of the order.

10. Returns

For any return that you wish to make, you must send it to climamania@climamania.com

The user has fourteen (14) calendar days to return a product with which he is not satisfied.

We advise you to return the merchandise with an insurance for the value of the product that you can contract with the transport company. This insurance will be necessary in case of looting or loss of the merchandise by the transport company.

Any product that uses this right of return must not have been installed or used and must be in perfect conditions of use. The non-return of the product in its original packaging may suffer a depreciation of the product that will be estimated by our technicians based on the conditions in which the product is returned.

When the reason for the return is attributable to ClimaMania, the return will not entail any cost for the client and the total amount paid will be returned. However, when the reason for the return is another, such as that the products were served correctly, but the client does not want them, we will pay the total amount paid, discounting the transport costs incurred in the event that the client decides to make the return. return shipping by our means.

In the event of non-conformity proven by signing and describing the incident on the carrier's delivery note, the User will have the possibility of choosing between repairing or replacing the product, unless the desired option entails a manifestly disproportionate cost compared to the other modality. . If the option chosen is the return, the shipping costs will be borne by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania)

To exercise your right of withdrawal and request the return of the material, you can send us via email to info@climamania.com the form that can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Climamania withdrawal form.

11. Guarantees and After Sales Service (SPV)

The guarantee of the products sold by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) is provided and established by virtue of the regulations contained in Law 23/2003, of July 10, on guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, a legal framework that Its purpose is to provide the consumer with different options to demand remediation when the purchased good is not in accordance with the contract, giving him the option of demanding the repair or replacement of the good, unless this is impossible or disproportionate. When repair or replacement is not possible or is disproportionate, the consumer may demand a price reduction or termination of the contract.

In case of non-conformity of the product, the buyer has a period of two months from when he became aware of it to inform the seller. On the other hand, a period of two years is recognized from the moment of delivery so that the buyer can make his rights effective, however, only in the 6 months following the delivery will it be presumed that the lack of conformity already existed in the time of delivery, corresponding to the buyer to prove, in the remaining 18 months (that is, from the seventh to the end of the two years) that the good was non-compliant, all in accordance with article 9 et seq. of the aforementioned law : Warranty brochure (PDF)

Commercial Warranty: Manufacturers may offer additional warranties, the length and duration of which differ by product and brand. Said guarantees will be exclusively borne by the manufacturer that is bound by them.

By virtue of this law, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer a good that is in accordance with the contract of sale in the terms that the law itself establishes (art. 1), considering these goods as "tangible personal property intended for consumption private" (art. 1).

Therefore, as established in article 4 of the aforementioned law on the responsibility of the seller and the rights of the buyer:

"The seller will respond to the consumer for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the good. Under the terms of this law, the consumer is recognized the right to repair the good, to replace it, to reduce the price and the termination of the contract.

In any case, the serial number of the product to be repaired must correspond to the one in the files of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania)

Climanania will not be responsible for possible damages that may be due to misuse, manipulation or non-professional installation, or caused by a short circuit. The guarantee will not be valid in cases in which external factors affect the normal use of the product, such as voltage surges or drops, use of inappropriate accessories or accessories not approved by the manufacturers, falls, water spills, fire or incorrect handling. by the client or third parties not authorized by the manufacturers or by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania).

Climanania will not be responsible for the guarantee of items not invoiced by the company ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. and more specifically with regard to labor and materials used in installations carried out by third parties. Whose guarantee will be granted by the company that invoices said concepts, as established in the regulations contained in Law 23/2003, of July 10.

The computation of the guarantee will begin on the same day of delivery.

To regulate aspects of the commercial guarantee not included in this Law 23/2003, the regime contained in Law 7/1996, of January 15, on Retail Trade Regulations will apply.

In the event of product repairs, we recommend that the customer go exclusively to official technical services (recognized and licensed by the manufacturers).

For more information consult our General Conditions. 

12. Disputes and responsibilities

The general conditions established by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) are governed by Spanish law. In the event of any conflict, the parties submit, for their resolution, to the courts and tribunals of the national territory that correspond according to the domicile of the user.

Likewise, as an entity adhering to Confianza Online and in the terms of its Code of Ethics, in the event of disputes related to online contracting and advertising, data protection and protection of minors, the user may resort to the Confianza out-of-court dispute resolution system. Online (www.confianzaonline.es)

On the other hand, and as merchants established in the EU who enter into contracts for the sale or provision of online services, we offer our clients access to the online dispute resolution platform through the following link. https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=ES

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) is not responsible for non-execution of these conditions due to force majeure, for example as defined by the intervention of the Spanish courts.

We advise you to keep a copy of the data contained in the packaging of the purchased products. ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will not be responsible for the loss of data, files or, in general, for any damage that may result from a failure in the backup copy by the User of the data contained in the products purchased.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) is not responsible for the consequences that may result from improper use of the products sold on its Portal.

Although certain products may present features compatible with professional use, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) is not a Portal dedicated to sales to professionals, so it cannot be held responsible for any complaint related to a professional activity.

13. Comments, criticisms, communication

All the opinions written by the users of www.climamania.com are controlled by the marketing team. If the opinions received violate the law or ethical or moral laws (abusive advertising, defamation, insults, xenophobic comments or out of context) ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) reserves the right to reject said opinions.

14. Protection of personal data

The information received by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) through its website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will observe at all times the current provisions on data protection, in particular, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, and will adopt the necessary measures to, in relation to said data, to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment and unauthorized access and for its employees to observe said prescriptions, as well as the duty of secrecy regarding the data subject to protection and other confidentiality obligations in force. Likewise, it undertakes not to use the personal data of the users of the page for purposes other than or unrelated to the purpose of contracting the services it provides.

In accordance with current legislation, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) collects personal data from its clients and includes them in a file that it owns and whose treatment is exclusively intended for the purpose of managing the orders requested from the Company. and respond to queries that users may make. The entity responsible for the files is ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania).

The user must provide the personal data and circumstances necessary to register as a client of the Company and formalize sales contracts (name and surname or company name, ID / NIF, address, email address, telephone / fax number) . The registration of these data is mandatory; the lack of completion of the same by the user or the provision of incorrect data will make it impossible for ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) to correctly manage the orders placed.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) requests additional personal data for statistical purposes that allow it to know the user's profile. The user can omit or stop communicating any data or personal circumstance that is not absolutely necessary for registering as a client or formalizing the purchase.

The data provided may be used by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) in order to send the user information about offers and advertising information to the email address or personal provided by the users, to which the client expressly consents; however, the client may choose at any time to reject the sending of such information by sending an e-mail to climamania@climamania.com expressing their decision.

Likewise, the client expressly consents that ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) provide said data to companies or financial entities for the correct management of transport and the order collection process. ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) may likewise carry out other data communications provided by law.

The data collected by ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) may be processed and stored in Spain, or in any other country where it has facilities. In the same way, you can carry out international data transfers to countries that are not members of the European Union. for which the client expressly gives his consent, all in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The personal data that the User must provide us is essential for sending orders, drafting invoices and warranty contracts. The absence of this data will lead to the automatic cancellation of orders. By registering on the Portal, the user agrees to provide reliable personal data. The fact of providing false or incorrect information is contrary to these General Conditions and the Conditions of Use present on the Portal.

El usuario autoriza a  ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) a tomar, tratar y almacenar sus datos en soporte informático de uso exclusivo por el personal de ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania).

The user authorizes ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) to take, process and store their data on computer support for the exclusive use of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) staff.

The User has the right to access, rectify and cancel all their data from the ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) registry.

ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) declares and guarantees that it maintains the security levels for the protection of personal data in accordance with current legislation, and that it has established all the technical means at its disposal to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by users. All this without prejudice to the fact, which the user expressly accepts, that Internet security measures are not impregnable.

If you accepted it in your identification on the Portal, ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania) will send you promotional emails (newsletters in the form of emails) proposing news, sales, exclusives, bargains, etc.)

Whenever you wish, the user can unsubscribe from our newsletter, to stop receiving this type of email. To unsubscribe, you must do so through the link provided for this purpose that appears at the bottom of the Web page of each of the promotional emails that our collaborators or ourselves will send you.

Only ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) possesses your personal data and only ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) may send you information within the scope of precise and specific promotional operations.

15. Intellectual Property

The rights related to industrial and intellectual property (including but not limited to: trademarks, logos, texts, photographs, icons, images,..., as well as graphic design, source code and other software elements contained on the page The website www.climamania.com is the property of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) or of the wholesale companies and manufacturers of the products and services offered.Therefore, they are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and protected by Spanish and international legislation. .

Without the prior written and reliable authorization of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L. (climamania), or, where appropriate, the wholesale company or manufacturer of the rights-holder product, it is not permitted to use, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, as well as any use that exceeds a normal and necessary use for the visit of the page and the use of the services offered.

Access to the services provided does not imply on the part of ClimaMania Sales Spain, S.L.(climamania) the resignation, transmission or total or partial assignment of the rights derived from intellectual and industrial property, nor does it attribute rights of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction , distribution or public communication of these contents without the prior and express written authorization of the respective holders of said rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain a private backup copy of such content, provided that said right is exercised according to the principles in good faith and as long as the intellectual and industrial property of the owner of such rights is kept unaltered, it is used for non-commercial purposes and exclusively for the user's personal information.

The responsibility derived from the use of materials protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties contained on this page in an illegal manner or that violates morality, honor or privacy, will correspond exclusively to the user, exempting ClimaMania Sales Spain in any case. , S.L.(climamania) from any liability arising from such conduct.

16. Considerations to take into account when purchasing equipment that uses fluorinated gases

It is very important and required by law that all devices or products that use fluorinated gases, such as air conditioners, be installed by companies or certified professionals.

Therefore, if you have purchased a product that contains fluorinated gases without the installation, it is mandatory that you fill in the documents and send them to us signed within a maximum period of one year from the date of purchase, the documents that you can download at the following link : www.climamania.com/doc/RD115_2017.pdf

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