Electric boilers

The electric boilers are the ideal solution for the home in the facilities where you want to opt for this power source, providing maximum safety and comfort. Smart heating offers great advantages, and therefore is one of the alternatives preferred by consumers, now with the control and regulation systems of the domestic environmental temperature we offer you in climamania.com we put this solution at your fingertips. Learn about our exceptional conditions of sale without any compromise.

If you only use electricity in your home as a source of energy, now you have no problem enjoying the heating of a lifetime with electric boilers. In addition, they offer more security and are more ecological.

Electric boilers

In certain cases, our home only has the possibility of supplying itself with electricity. With the electric boilers that we have in our online store, that will not be the reason why you have to give up the comfort of heating.

In our range of electric boilers, you will surely find the model that best suits your needs, both for heating use only, or for both heating and domestic hot water use.

You have models of electric boiler of different powers, and with both single-phase and three-phase power.

Operation of an electric boiler

Electric boilers are the alternative to gas boilers that we already know. They are used in homes where the natural gas distribution network does not reach or because at home you only want to use electricity as an energy source. They are ideal in apartments and in houses where you prefer to have zero maintenance, filling the tanks with diesel, pellets, firewood, etc.

If you wonder how an electric boiler works, it is very simple. Like all boilers, the electric boiler can heat water either to send it to the radiators for use as heating or for domestic hot water use. The only difference from a gas or other fuel boiler is that this type of boiler uses electricity to heat the water.

Tips for buying an electric boiler

There are several types of electric boilers and to help you choose the ideal one that meets your needs, we help you with this buying guide to choose yours:

Boilers for heating or heating plus domestic hot water

The first thing you should know is the use you are going to give it, if it is only for heating radiators, if it is for underfloor heating or if you also want it for domestic hot water (ACS). At ClimaMania our types of electric boilers are for heating to which you can add a kit so that it also works with domestic hot water.

Three-phase or single-phase power

Another important fact is to know if the electrical network of the house where the boiler is going to be installed is single-phase or three-phase. Depending on the type of connection you can choose between one or the other.

Single-phase boilers are those whose electrical connection is made with 3 wires, as a rule: black (phase), blue (neutral) and yellow-green (ground). These single-phase boilers are powered at a voltage of 220-230V.

On the other hand we have three-phase electric boilers, where their connection is made with 5 wires as standard, black, brown and gray (phases), blue (neutral) and yellow-green (ground). Three-phase boilers are powered at a voltage of 380-400V.

Boiler power

It is important to know the power that the boiler you are going to buy needs to heat your home comfortably according to the square meters it has, the insulation and the climate zone where it is going to be installed.

To calculate orientatively what power in W (watts) you need, you can multiply the m² of your home by 100, this will give you the minimum power your boiler needs. For example: In a 70m² flat, it would be 70 X 100 = 7,000W, which is 7KW.

At ClimaMania, our technicians will advise you without obligation to find out what power you need to purchase your new electric boiler.

Consumption of electric boilers

The consumption of the electric boiler will depend on the use you give it in your home. Electric kettles are appliances that require more electrical power than other smaller appliances in your home.

If you install a new electric boiler or have replaced your old gas boiler, you will probably have to increase the contracted power (power term) at your electric power distributor.

With good use and exploitation, electric boilers do not generate a large consumption.

Advantages of electric boilers

One of the great advantages of installing an electric boiler in your home is that you can have electricity as the only source of energy, lowering costs and contracting companies.

Another great advantage is that this type of boiler does not release gases when it air-conditions our home or domestic hot water, for this reason it does not need any smoke outlet, thus saving installation and achieving a cleaner and more compact design. No CO2 emissions.

Electric boilers offer more security to the user by not having a gas installation, where leaks can occur. In addition, since it does not generate gases, the installation is much cleaner and safer, avoiding the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

Finally, having an electric boiler is that its performance is the most optimal. It is considered that the power consumed by that generated in this type of wall-mounted boilers is from 93 to 97%.

At ClimaMania we offer installation service for the electric boiler you buy. Check our installation prices.

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