In ClimaMania we distribute the best brands of thermostats to your heating system.

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Through the thermostats and heating programmers available at the Climamania online store you can get full temperature control of your heating facilities wherever you want. Efficiently manages energy consumption of your heating by using temperature ranges according to the hours of the day when you need more or less heat and get up to 50% savings on your bill gas or light monthly.


Thermostat with WIFI Baxi TXM-10C
Precio €179.00
(Iva Incluido)

Thermostat with WIFI Baxi TXM-10C

The Thermostat with Baxi TXM-10Callows modulant installation or version ON/OFF. In modulant version it is compatible with boilers with opentherm connection such as Platinum Compact Eco, Platinum Alux,Neodens Plus Eco and Victoria Condens. The ON/OFF control works with any boiler model.

  • Temperature display and control
  • Weekly programme
  • Programme vacation
  • Anti-Ice Safety
  • Operation On/Off or Modulant
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