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Our online store offers a selection of portable air conditioners to keep you cool and comfortable wherever you need it. These portable units are easy to move and set up, and come with a variety of features to suit your needs, including adjustable temperature settings, remote control, and energy-efficient modes. Shop now and find the perfect portable air conditioner for your home.

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Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA TP3020

Air Conditioning portable QLIMA TP3020 With him Portable air conditioning Qlima TP3020 you can air stays up to 65m3 easily without installation. Just connect and pull the tube out of a window or room space and ready. Enjoy the portable air conditioning of Qlima with class A energy efficiency that also incorporates remote control for better comfort in its...
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Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA P 522

Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA P 522 The Portable air conditioning Qlima P 522 is ideal for stays up to 75m3 where you can not make a conventional air conditioning facility or for temporary use of the stay. Thanks to its power it can cool easily and quickly large spaces. Cold power: 2.8 kW (2.408 Frig/h.) Dehumidifier function Remote control.
Air Conditioning Portable HTWP 26 The portable air conditioning HTW P26 has 2.6kW power and an A energy rating. Which makes it ideal to cool large rooms easily and with a savings in the significant consumption regarding other portable air conditionings. JUST COLD. Cold power: 2,236 Frig/h. Timer function.
Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA P 528 With WIFI The portable air conditioning QLIMA P 528 is a portable air conditioner ideal for cooling rooms of 90m3. With a power of 2.64Kw (more than 2,200 fridges) and energy efficiency A, this penguin becomes a good choice to air medium stays - large quickly with the lowest consumption. In addition to the WIFI...
Portable air conditioning QLIMA P 534 with WIFIThe portable air conditioning QLIMA P534 is a portable air conditioner of almost 3,000 fridges ideal for air conditioning rooms and living rooms up to 105m3. With an energy efficiency type A, dehumidifier function and built-in WIFI, it becomes a very good choice if you want a penguin with the best efficiency...
Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA PH635
Air Conditioning Portable QLIMA PH 635 with Heat Pump and WIFI The Portable air conditioning Qlima PH 635 with included heat pump is able to weather stays up to 110m3 in both cold and heat. It is ideal for spaces where an installation or temporary installation is not possible. Saves high energy consumption thanks to the energy efficiency of portable air...
Air Conditioning Portable HTWPB-035P27 Portable air conditioning HTW PB-035P27 more than 3,000 fridges with heat pump. With LED display, timer and several operating modes, this high-energy penguin is the ideal ally for airing stays without any installation. FUNCION FRIO AND CALOR. Cold power: 3.026 Frig/h. Power in Calor: 3.026 Kcal/h Timer...

Without installation, plug & play and cheap. Enjoy air conditioning anywhere and at any time with low consumption portable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioning

A portable air conditioner, also called a penguin, is the ideal solution to air-condition a room without the need to carry out works or installations, in this way, you can immediately enjoy the comfort of air conditioning in your home.

Today, portable air conditioners are compact. The only thing you will have to do to start them up is plug them in and direct the air outlet to the outside, which will be hot when you have it running in cooling mode, and in the case of heat pump equipment, cold in heating mode.

This air outlet, which must be oriented towards the outside, is carried out by means of a flexible tube that the portable air conditioner incorporates as standard.

At ClimaMania you will surely find the model that suits your needs, you have cold-only products, with a heat pump that you can use both in summer and winter, or even models with Wi-Fi technology, which you can connect to your home internet and turn them on or off via mobile from anywhere.

How does a portable air conditioner work?

The portable air conditioner is a compact air conditioner, the external unit (compressor) takes it internal. This condenser absorbs air from the room through its normally side or rear grilles and refrigerates it to expel it through the front or upper grilles, thus air-conditioning the room.

It also has a tube at the back to expel the hot air that it has generated to cool the room and expel it to the street through a grill or window hole. It is important to use a special hole for the portable air conditioning tube outlet that is well insulated so that air from the street does not enter the room you want to cool.

Finally, inside the device, they usually have a tank where they pour the excess water from the condensation process, which you must maintain every X time depending on the use and condensation generated by your machine.

Unlike conventional air conditioners, the outdoor and indoor units are located in the same unit.

Technical characteristics of portable air conditioners

Now that you know how it works, you should know the technical characteristics of each of these portable computers. So that you can compare one device with another, it is important that you know all the characteristics that portable air conditioners have in common.


The size is one of the drawbacks of these teams since they take up space in the room that you want to air condition. So you must have a reserved space near a window or exit to the outside for this portable device.

We have taken a penguin from our ClimaMania catalog and these are the measurements of a portable air conditioner: 30 x 28 x 68 cm (width x depth x height) and the weight is 21 kg, although they come equipped with wheels for greater mobility .


Portable air conditioners are not silent, they usually make noise since the compressor is inside the equipment. However, manufacturers are aware of this problem and are solving noise problems with these penguins. Today it is much more advanced and brands have managed to manufacture quieter portable air conditioners, dropping below 60dB at maximum power.

How to choose a portable air conditioner

When choosing your portable air conditioner, the first thing you need to know is the measurements of the room or room where you want to place it. The measurements are important to know the frigories that you need the penguin that you are going to buy to have. The frigories are the power that the appliance has to cool. The more refrigerators it has, the faster it will air-condition the environment and it will be able to cool larger rooms.

As a rule, to find out how many frigories you need in an air conditioner to cool a room, multiply the square meters (m²) of the room X 100 frigories. See table:

Tabla m2/Frigorías necesarias aire acondicionado

Once you know the refrigerators you need, it's time to look at the most important features that each brand and model offers you.

Heat pump: There are portable air conditioners that have both air conditioning and heat pump incorporated. If you need to heat your room on the coldest days, you should select a portable device with a built-in heat pump.

Sound level: In portable air conditioners, one of the disadvantages they have is that, being a compact device (the conventional outdoor unit is incorporated inside) they make noise. From ClimaMania we recommend that you look at the quietest portable air conditioners. All our models displayed in the online catalog are among the quietest on the market.

Functions: There are equipments with built-in WIFI, so you can turn it on and off, program the hours of use, timer in hours and minutes, etc. If you need these functions, choose a portable air conditioner with WIFI.

Brand: The brands that we have chosen for you at ClimaMania maintain a perfect quality-price ratio to offer our customers the best offers and prices on products of the highest quality. We work with prominent brands such as QLIMA and HTW.

You can buy your portable home air conditioner at Clilamania at a unique price. Enjoy fresh air at home and in any room or room according to your preferences. Contact our technical team if you have any questions and we will advise you on which is your best choice.

How effective is a penguin for weatherization?

Portable air conditioners work just like conventional equipment. Due to their dimensions they are usually less powerful but their performance and operation is almost the same. They manage to cool the room at the cost of extracting the hot air.

Its effectiveness is equal to a Split type air conditioner. Of course, these laptops are somewhat noisier since the external unit is inside the same equipment.

What is the best portable air conditioner?

There is no best portable air conditioner, there is the best for every need. Within the range of portable air conditioners you will find different qualities, features, prices, capacities and powers in refrigeration, with or without heat pump, etc.

To choose the best one for you, you must be clear about what budget you have and what features you need to achieve the greatest comfort with one of these portable devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are thinking of buying one of our portable air conditioners, we recommend reading this list of advantages and disadvantages offered by penguin air conditioners:


They do not require installation: only the hole towards the outside is necessary for the tube (optionally it can be used in a window hole). You just have to connect your penguin to a conventional socket, take the tube out of the hole or window and turn it on.

They are portable: you can easily take them to any room or room in your home since they come equipped with wheels. It will only be to plug the plug in the new room, take the tube outside and that's it.

Economic: Its price is lower than conventional split-type air conditioners with indoor and outdoor units.

Speed: They are ideal for the quick solution they offer you since they can get you out of any trouble immediately by easily air-conditioning a room without installation.


They require having a hole to the outside for the outlet tube.

They are not very quiet. The noise level can be annoying.

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