Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

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Pellet boiler Domusa
Pellet boiler Ferroli

The pellet boilers use this type of biomass to produce energy in the form of heat. Using as fuel wood pellets or organic waste as the olive bone, according to the model, this type of boilers are the ideal solution to replace the old Gasoil boilers both for their low consumption and for their contribution to the conservation of the environment.

Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 10

Biomass boiler DOMUSAModel BIOCLASS HM 10 Nominal power: 10.1 Kw Performance to Nominal Power: 93.5% Volume Water Chamber: 46 L. Dimensions 545 x 1.310 x 755 mm Automatic cleaning
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 16

Biomass boiler DOMUSAModel BIOCLASS HM 16 Nominal power: 15.6 Kw Performance to Nominal Power: 93.5% Volume Water Chamber: 55 L. Dimensions 545 x 1.310 x 755 mm Automatic cleaning
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25

Biomass boiler DOMUSAModel BIOCLASS HM 25Nominal power: 25.3 KwPerformance to Nominal Power: 95%Volume Water Chamber: 73 L.Dimensions 670 x 1.310 x 820 mmAutomatic cleaning
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 43

Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA Modelo BIOCLASS HM 43 Potencia Nominal: 42,7 Kw Rendimiento a Potencia Nominal: 94% Volumen Cámara de Agua: 104 L. Dimensiones 670 x 1.310 x 1045 mm Limpieza automática
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA DUAL THERM 25

Biomass boiler DOMUSAModel DUAL THERM 25 Fuels admitted: Pellet / Wood Nominal power with pellets: 25 Kw Nominal power with firewood: 23 Kw Performance to Nominal Power with Pellets: 90%
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Thermostat of pellets Ferroli Alda T 18 for heating

Thermostufa pellet boiler Ferroli Alda T 18La pellet thermostat Ferroli Alda T 18 is ideal for radiator heating facilities. Thanks to its power of 19 kW it is the perfect solution for heating up to 150m2. The Ferroli pellet thermoestufa has all the advantages of a pellet boiler but yielding a small part of the heat that generates to the environment where...
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Thermostat of pellets for heating and ACS Ferroli Carina AT 23

Thermostat of pellets for heating and ACS Ferroli Carina AT 23La pellet heater (biomasa) for heating and hot water health Ferroli Carina AT 23 is ideal for heating by pellets housing up to 180m2 by radiator heating facilities. It also allows the production of hot water (ACS) thanks to its 100L interacumulator for built-in vitrified water.Thermal power:...
Pellets boilers (Biomasa)

Biomass boiler DOMUSA DUAL THERM 35

DOMUSA Dual thermal 35 The biomass boiler of DOMUSA DUAL THERM 35 is a boiler that uses pellets or wood as renewable energy sources, has a capacity of 145kg. Fuels allowed: pellets / wood Rated power with pellets: 35 Kw Rated power with wood: 31 Kw Rated power output with pellets: 91% Energy class A+ Pellets tank included

Enjoy the best comfort and an ideal temperature with pellet boilers with low consumption and in the most ecological way for the environment.

Pellet boiler

Undoubtedly, if you have enough space to locate a Biomass installation, the use of Pellets boilers is a wise choice, mainly for these two reasons:

Economic: The annual reduction in fuel from a biomass boiler can be up to 50%. The cost of a pellet boiler is minimal, maintenance is practically non-existent and fuel, pellets, maintain a much more stable and economical price range, which allows us to save large amounts of money compared to traditional diesel boilers.

Ecological: Biomass boilers are one of the solutions for your heating installation that produce fewer polluting emissions. We could say that pellet boilers are "zero emissions", since the little carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere is offset by the sustainable management of the forests from which the raw material, which is biomass, is extracted.

In addition, they hardly produce solid waste, since the performance is very high, the energy efficiency of this type of pellet boilers is one of its great advantages.

All the power of pellet combustion translates directly into heat and comfort for your home.

At Clilamania we have pellet boilers suitable for air conditioning from small homes to industrial applications. Ask us without obligation, you will always be assisted by a qualified air conditioning specialist who will guide you through our online catalog of biomass boilers to find the solution that best suits your specific needs.

Features of pellet boilers

Pellets (Biomass) boilers are an ideal saving alternative to have heating and domestic hot water in your home.

These boilers use a fuel, pellets, which is much cheaper and less polluting than another type of traditional boiler such as diesel or gas.

The pellet is a compound of wood shavings and pressed resins that will serve as fuel for your Biomass boiler, ecological. Using a renewable and 100% natural fuel in your boiler, such as pellets, you will help the ecology of the planet.

Pellet boilers are perfectly useful for heating up to a 200m2 home without the help of other external equipment. One of its advantages being adaptability since you can complement your pellet heating system with other equipment such as gas, diesel or solar energy boilers.

And in terms of savings, which we have mentioned before, a pellet boiler can offer you savings of more than 60% compared to other heating systems due to its economic fuel cost.

Pellet boilers are compact, the entire system necessary to heat the water is internal to the equipment, in addition to the fuel tank for the pellets.

In addition to compact pellet boilers, there are mixed wood and pellet multi-fuel boilers. Which we also have in our catalogue.

Advantages of a Biomassa boiler (pellets)

Among the most outstanding advantages of biomass boilers we have already commented, among others, their savings and how ecological they are. But all its advantages do not end here and that is why we are going to see the most important ones.

Its efficiency is one of the most important advantages for this type of boilers. They work with a high-performance fuel and at a cheaper cost than traditional systems such as gas, diesel or electric boilers.

The adaptability to work together with other systems to heat water is another of its characteristics to take into account.

Safety, pellet boilers are designed and manufactured with cutting-edge safety technology, automatically disconnecting the boiler in the event of an anomaly or failure.

And finally, its care for the environment, as we have previously mentioned, its fuel is renewable, biodegradable and 100% natural.

Unlike other types of boilers, such as natural gas boilers, we do not have to depend on the power supply from the network, it is an independent system.

Tips for a good installation of your pellet boiler

To enjoy good air conditioning in your home with a pellet boiler with the greatest safety, we recommend that you follow these tips:

The area where you install your boiler must have external ventilation, preferably a boiler room. It needs a smoke outlet and electrical connection for its operation.

The boiler must be well leveled and on firm ground so that it works in its most optimal state.

It is important to leave a separation space from the boiler to other elements in the area, thus, in addition to guaranteeing better safety, it will allow for cleaning, inspection or maintenance work on the boiler itself.

For the evacuation of gases from the boiler you must install a tube, which is special for this type of boiler, covered with insulation in the exterior areas to prevent condensation in the pipe.

The diameter of the extraction tube according to the power of the machine is:

<10kw tube with a minimum diameter of 100mm

Between 10 - 20 KW tube with a minimum diameter of 125mm

> 20KW tube with a minimum diameter of 150mm, consult the manufacturer according to power.

The installation of the pellet boiler must be carried out by a professional technician with a specialized air conditioning and thermal installer license.

At ClimaMania we offer installation service for the pellet boiler you buy. Check our installation prices.


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