Heat pumps for Heating

In ClimaMania we distribute the best brands in Air-Water or Air-Water Heat Pumps for heating your home

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The Heat pumps Air Water absorb the air energy of the environment to transmit it to the water of the heating circuit.

The process by which heat pump or aerothermy transmits heat to the heating circuit is achieved by means of changes in the state and cycles of compression and expansion to which the coolant gas is subjected. The heat contained in the air at a lower temperature is yielded to the water accumulated at a higher temperature, thus achieving a truly surprising energy saving.

Heat pumps for Heating

Daikin Altherma BIWF1118CAV

Heat pump (Aerotermia) for heating Daikin Altherma Bibloc BIWF1118CAV Exterior unit: ERHQ011BV3 Interior unit: hydrokit EHVX11S18CB3V Volume Acumulator: 180 liters Power: 10.3 kW COP: 3.37

Heat pumps for heating with aerothermal energy offer the best living comfort at the lowest consumption cost.

Heat pumps for heating

Heat Pumps or Aerotermias, generally only consume the energy necessary to operate the fan that sucks the air and the compressor that circulates the fluid through the circuit, with which up to 75% of the energy produced can be obtained. free.

Therefore, the use of an Aerothermal system in your home to heat the heating circuit, both by conventional radiators and by underfloor heating, means great savings on your energy bill. They are highly energy efficient systems that will provide you with a high level of comfort.

At ClimaMania we have a team of experts trained in renewable energies, who will be happy to help you when choosing the most suitable method for heating your home. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for the advice you need.

Types of heat pumps for heating

There are various types and services of heat pumps for heating by aerothermal system. Depending on the service they provide, we can classify heat pumps by:

Heat pumps for heating: This aerothermal system offers only hot water for our heating system, it usually has an outdoor unit with a compressor and an indoor unit as if it were a gas boiler. It achieves flow temperatures of 60°C to be compatible with the installation of radiators, usually underfloor heating or home fan coils.

Heat pumps for heating and ACS: This system, like the previous one, offers heating service for the home but also includes a water accumulator for the use of domestic hot water.

Heat pumps for heating and cooling: Heat pumps for heating and cooling offer hot-cold service. You can enjoy the aerothermal heating service in winter and the cooling service during the summer with the same aerothermal equipment.

Heat pumps for heating, cooling and ACS: This system offers all the services in one, like the previous one, it is capable of heating and cooling any type of home by aerothermal energy but also incorporates an accumulator to have the domestic hot water service ACS by aerothermal

In our wide range of heat pumps and in all services we have available different sizes of accumulators and different powers for heating and cooling to provide solutions for any type of home and conditions.

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