Hot air guns

Them hot air cannons which we offer in ClimaMania are the ideal solucíon for heating large volumes, such as industrial ships, tents for the realization of inventions, etc.

In our range of hot air generators or cannons, you will find a wide variety of different power models, which according to the model use as a butane/propane fuel or Parafina/diesel.

Heat large surfaces quickly with hot air cannons. These cannons are ideal for heating large events, industrial buildings, tents, etc.

Electric hot air cannons, whether gas or diesel-paraffin, are the best system for heating large surfaces in record time. These hot air generators are designed to be able to work anywhere, they are very adaptable since they have wheels to change their location whenever you want.

If you need to heat an industrial warehouse, workshops, fairs, pavilions, parties, large tents, places of ceremonies, etc. Diesel, paraffin or gas hot air generators are your perfect tool.

Tips for buying your hot air cannon

The first thing you should know to buy your heat gun is the use it will have. You need to know the volume of the space you need to air condition, the temperature you want to achieve and the insulation of the place where you are going to put the air cannon or cannons.

First of all, we need to know some calculations to know the calorific power (Kcal) that we are going to need.

Calculate the power of the hot air cannon you need

The formula is the following:

V * ∆T * K = Kcal (Volume X Temperature Increase X Thermal Dispersion Coefficient = Kcal needed)

V = It is the volume of the space that we want to heat in m³ (to measure multiply width X length X height)

∆T = The temperature difference between the space and the one we want. in degrees centigrade

K = Thermal dispersion coefficient (use K=0.5 isolated spaces (homes), K=1.5 medium insulation (car parks, industrial buildings), K=2.5 minimum insulation (old industrial buildings) and K=3.5 spaces without insulation (tents).

Now we know the necessary Kcal, if we want to know the power (KW) that we need to buy our hot air generator we need to do one last operation. We have to divide the result in Kcal by 860 to know the necessary KW.

Example: We want to heat an insulated industrial warehouse to 23°. The dimensions of the premises are: 25m (length) 10m (width) 3m (height) and the average temperature is 15°.

First we get the volume, V = 25 X 10 X 3 = 750m³. The temperature increase, ∆T = 23°-15°= 8°. Thermal dispersion coefficient, K=1.5 (insulated industrial building).

Kcal = 750 X 8 X 1.5 = 11,250 Kcal

kW = 11,250 / 860 = 13.08 kW

For this industrial warehouse we will need to buy a 13 KW air cannon or a combination of several that add up to that power.

Types of hot air guns for fuel

In our ClimaMania catalog we have two types of hot air generators according to their type of fuel.

Butane or propane gas air cannons: These heat cannons are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as long as the manufacturer's safety regulations are followed. They provide very large heat outputs. They can be used with propane or butane gas. These gas air cannons are ideal for heating workshops, industrial buildings, warehouses, tents, events, etc. Average consumption of 1KG for every 10,000Kcal used.

Diesel or paraffin air cannons: Diesel or paraffin heat cannons are suitable for use on large indoor and outdoor surfaces. They can heat up to 200,000 KCal, they are the ones with the highest calorific power. They are ideal for use in industrial areas, warehouses, large garages, construction, parties, tents, etc. The average consumption is 1L for every 10,000 Kcal used.


Maximum surface (m2)

65 - 195
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