Polyfuel boilers

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Polycombustible boilers are a type of biomass boiler that, in addition to pellets from the remains and residues of wood obtained in cuts and sustainable grapes, admit other organic forest or agricultural residues, such as olive bone, almond or walnut peel, orujillo, etc.

Heat your home with polyfuel boilers that work with waste wood, almond shells, olive pits...

Polyfuel boilers

On an economic level, switching to multi-fuel boilers to feed your heating system is a huge success, since you will be able to save up to 50% of the cost of fuel that you spend if you have a diesel boiler.

In addition to being cheaper, pellet prices are more stable, since they come from the national market and do not depend on imports that make the product more expensive.

Another advantage of switching from diesel heating to biomass heating is the environmental benefit that you are getting, since you will reduce the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere to practically zero.

As multi-fuel boilers are fed with pellets and other agro-ecological waste that have great combustion power, the performance of the heating installations that is achieved is very high, so the energy efficiency that you achieve translates into more comfortable heat for your home for less money and much less pollution for the planet.

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