Wood stoves

Who didn't want to enjoy in your home the heat of a firewood? With the wood stoves you can enjoy the best comfort and heat offered by this heating system. In ClimaMania we bring you various ranges, classic wood stoves to give you a vintage and modern touch for the most minimalists. You can also choose it from a corner to take advantage of the corners of the house and with an oven for kitchen lovers.

Wooden stovePanadero Vera EcoDesignLa wood stove Panadero Verais a floor stove with a more classic but high performance design. It is a low wood consumption stove and a high performance being ideal for use as large stay heating up to 220m3.Heat power: 7.1 KWHeating volume: 220m3Dimensions: 710x563x396 mm (Height x Width x Background)
Wooden stovePanadero Verne EcoDesign La wood stove Panadero Verne EcoDesignis a standing stove with an innovative design and with a panoramic glass of great vision to achieve ideal comfort in the home. The Verne EcoDesign wood stove is the perfect solution for heating in living spaces up to 210m3. Heat power: 6.7 KW Heating volume: 210m3...
Wood stoves

Wooden stove Panadero JAVA 3V

Wooden stove PanaderoJAVA 3VLa wood stove Panadero JAVA 3V is a wood-consumption low stove with minimal emissions designed with glass on 3 sides to have more views of the fire made of steel being the ideal solution for stays up to 210m3.Heat power: 5.9 KWHeating volume: 210m3Lens includedDimensions: 695x640x393 mm (Height x Width x Background)
Wooden stove Panadero SINTRA EcoDesign cornerLa wood stove Panadero SINTRAWis an ideal corner stove to put in any corner of the house and offer the best heating. SINTRA wood stove is a robust stove with quality assurance, high performance and low wood consumption. It is the solution as a corner stove to heat spaces up to 210m3 volume.Heat power: 7...
Wooden stove Panadero Fenix EcoDesignLa wood stove Panadero Fenix EcoDesign it is a modern design stove with wood included with a clean glass system to enjoy the comfort of the flame and the maximum use of the heat of the stove. Ideal for spaces up to 220m3.Heat power: 7.2 KWHeating volume: 220m3Lens includedDimensions: 854x796x463 mm (Height x Width x Fund)
Wooden chimney Panadero The EcoDesign MANCHLa wood fireplace Panadero The EcoDesign MANCHis a wood stove type classic metal fireplace. With the LA MANCHA fireplace you can heat very large rooms up to 300m3 of volume thanks to its high performance, its double combustion and all this to a low consumption and with renewable energy with minimal emissions.Heat...

Wood stoves with an attractive design that will make your home a warmer and more comfortable place. There are classic designs and more innovative designs for all tastes and decorations.

Wood stove

To enjoy heating with wood as fuel at home, we bring you a wide range of wood-burning stoves, both metal, steel and cast iron.

Choose from our range of stoves the ideal one for your home, at ClimaMania we offer you the best prices on wood stoves so that you can enjoy the heat and comfort as if you were in front of an old wood-burning fireplace. Plus with Free Shipping! to peninsula.

Types of wood stoves

In our catalog you can find various types and models of wood stoves for the home. Of different powers and sizes, small, with a log holder included, corner units and even with an oven.

Classic wood stoves

For lovers of vintage decoration, classic wood-burning stoves are the ideal solution to integrate a more retro touch of decoration into the home with old wood-burning stove finishes, but without losing the great performance offered by firewood as a combined fuel. with one of these stoves prepared to provide an ecological solution in heating. Made of steel or cast iron to enjoy a comfortable temperature in the room without losing style due to aesthetics.

Modern wood stoves

A minimalist wood stove design for homes with a simpler and more modern decoration. Wood-burning stoves of various sizes, standing, floor-standing or wall-mounted to create a comfortable environment, with a pleasant temperature and heat with an updated style. Enjoy the comfort of the flames when burning wood in the home through the glass panes of your stove.

Corner wood stoves

Corner or corner wood stoves ideal for homes where you want to take advantage of a corner of the room or living room with this heating system. In addition to providing comfortable heat in the home and being an ecological and high-performance heating system, it allows for an added touch of decoration in the space where it is installed.

Wood stoves with oven

Wood stoves with built-in oven offer the possibility of cooking your favorite dishes in the purest style with a stove that will also heat your room efficiently. A full-fledged 2x1 with this type of stove with oven, kitchen and heating in the same appliance. Choose the wood-burning stove with oven that best suits the needs of your home, at ClimaMania we have selected the best ones for you, you put the recipes yourself.

What are wood stoves like?

Wood stoves are much like traditional wood burning fireplaces, but improved. How are they improved? Thanks to its construction in steel or cast iron, the heat offered by irradiation of these materials offers a much higher temperature outside.

Some models have a built-in fan for the extraction of hot air, thus making much more use of the heat generated by the wood stove.

Frequent questions

If you have questions about the installation and operation of wood stoves, in this section we will solve them for you.

How is a correct installation of a wood stove carried out?

Like pellet stoves, which you will already know, wood stoves need an outlet pipe to evacuate the smoke generated by the combustion of wood. In this accompanying schematic from the stove maker Panadero he explains it correctly.

The most important thing to carry out a correct installation of wood stoves is the installation of the smoke outlet pipe. Other important things to take into account in the installation is the location of the stove and the distances from other objects or walls.

How far from the wall and other objects should the wood stove be placed?

To find out what minimum safety distance you should leave to the wall or other objects or furniture, you should consult the manufacturer's information where it will be explained. But depending on the stove, it must have a separation of between 40 and 100 cm from walls and other devices to maintain safety.

How do you light a wood stove?

  • To correctly light a wood stove, the first thing is to have the right elements:
  • ignition pickup
  • Fine wood chips (pine or similar)
  • dry firewood The length will depend on the stove
  • lighter or match
  • Once we have everything we need, we follow these steps:
  • Check that the shot is open to the maximum
  • We place the ignition tablet in the center of the grill and light it
  • We place the wood chips around the tablet, leaving a hole for air to enter
  • Once the chips have caught fire, place the rest of the firewood (a couple of logs)
  • Once the wood burns, the air draft is regulated, closing it more or less halfway so that the fire is calmer
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