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The wood boilers, thanks to the combustion of wood logs produce hot water to feed the heating circuit of the entire house. The use of wood as fuel in this type of boiler allows substantial savings in heating costs while respecting the environment.

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Wooden boilerLASIANSOLIMAX-30 model of 30 KwLa Lasian firewood boiler model SOLIMAX 30it is a wood and coal boiler with high thermal cast iron body and with all integrated safety systems.Useful power wood: 30 KWCharcoal useful power: 34 KWWater volume: 27 liters* Mandatory installation of condensation valve and inertia reservoir (not included)
Wooden boilerLASIAN SOLIMAX-40 of 43 Kw PowerLa Lasian firewood boiler model SOLIMAX 40 it is a wood and coal boiler with high thermal cast iron body and with all integrated safety systems.Useful power wood: 43 KWCharcoal useful power: 48 KWWater volume: 37 liters* Mandatory installation of condensation valve and inertia reservoir (not included)

Wood-fired boilers offer savings in heating and are also more respectful of the environment. Enjoy the heat of your home efficiently.

Wood boilers

Wood-fired boilers, despite using a fuel as traditional as firewood, have the most advanced technology that allows optimal operation, maximum safety and high levels of performance.

Wood-fired boilers are perfect for installing in a less urban environment, where obtaining fuel "wood" and storing it is comfortable and easy, such as in a house, agricultural shed, etc.

These boilers are a heating system that generates natural, comfortable and ecological heat.

What is and how does a wood boiler work?

Wood-fired boilers, as their name indicates, are boilers that use firewood as their fuel. In short, they heat the water with the combustion of firewood and feed the radiators in your home.

The operation is not so simple, thanks to its technology, the combustion process is more complex so that the boiler is more efficient and has less consumption.

Gasification or inverted flame wood boilers have a storage chamber (gasification) where the logs of firewood are dried and heated. These logs release gases from the wood and, thanks to a fan, they are sucked into the combustion chamber.

The gas that is generated is mixed with preheated air in the combustion chamber and combustion is carried out on a refractory piece that reaches temperatures above 1000 °C.

With this process you can now heat the water circuit in your home for heating radiators or domestic hot water with an ecological wood-fired boiler.

Scheme of operation of a wood boiler:

Caldera de leña

Characteristics of a wood boiler

Wood-fired boilers usually have all the same characteristics and functionalities since many elements that compose it are to improve the efficiency and safety of the boiler itself.

Among them are:

Automatic shutdown due to fuel consumption: They usually have a probe in the smoke outlet that, when detecting the absence of temperature for a while, stops the flame system and thus avoids unnecessary consumption.

Energy efficiency: Wood-fired boilers are equipped with retarders that increase the autonomy of the boiler, reaching up to more than 92% energy efficiency.

Load autonomy: Thanks to its great efficiency, several hours of firewood load autonomy are achieved.

Overheating safety: Wood-fired boilers are equipped with thermal discharge valves that allow mains water to circulate through the cooling coil if the boiler exceeds 95 degrees.

How to choose a wood boiler

To choose the ideal wood-burning boiler for your needs, it is important to know several aspects, but the most important will be the power of the wood-burning boiler you need. This will depend on how big the house is and how you use the heating.

The thermal power: It is important to know the volume that needs to be heated in order to choose the ideal boiler. You also have to think about the climatic zone that your home is in, if it is very cold or warm, the needs will vary.

Performance: Wood-fired boilers have high performance, but it depends on the model and the manufacturer, there are more efficient ones. If you want to save on consumption you should choose the most efficient boiler, with more performance.

Autonomy: Finally, autonomy depends on the deposit of your boiler, its performance and its power, it will have a few hours of autonomy or others. This translates into loads of firewood. If you want to save time in loading the tank of your boiler, choose one that has more autonomy.

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