Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10
Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10
Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10
Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25
Caldera de Biomasa DOMUSA BIOCLASS NG 10

Biomass boiler DOMUSA BIOCLASS HM 25

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Biomass boiler DOMUSAModel BIOCLASS HM 25

  • Nominal power: 25.3 Kw
  • Performance to Nominal Power: 95%
  • Volume Water Chamber: 73 L.
  • Dimensions 670 x 1.310 x 820 mm
  • Automatic cleaning

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With a performance up to 95%the safety it offers, and the low emissions of gases and dust to the atmosphere it emits, the biomass boiler Domusa Bioclass HM25 has been certified with the highest rating at european level (CLASSE 5 SEGÚN EN-303/5), which gives us idea of the quality of the product we find in this boiler.

The fuel savings we will generate annually, which will make the initial investment in the hip recover in a very short time.

Characteristics of the biomass boiler Domusa Bioclass HM 25

Automatic cleaning system

• The cleaning of this boiler is completely automatic. It has a set of turbulators that, in addition to retaining the passage of the smokes, in order to improve the performance, are responsible for the cleaning of ash residues in the smoke steps.

• The burner has an automatic ash cleaning system. The lower part of the burner combustion body has a patented cleaning system that is periodically responsible for sending the ashes that are generated in the combustion to the ash.

• The Grinder system performs cleaning even with the burner working, which allows not to alter the comfort of the installation due to the cleaning needs that can be given and makes the most of the fuel provided to the combustion chamber.

Modulation of the boiler Bioclass HM25.

La BioClass HM pellet boiler has a electronic control which controls the amount of air that is required according to the amount of fuel that is provided, in order to obtain the necessary temperature in the boiler body. This allows you to have some unbeatable combustion characteristics even with reduced powers.

Being able to work with a reduced power regime great savings are achieved in consumption, as the power of the boiler is adjusted to the requirements of the installation.

Having a wide range of modulation and to be able to work at low power reduces the cycles of gear / boiler, avoiding losses in stop and can be installed even without inertia deposit.


  • 4 POTENCES: 10, 16, 25, 43 KW

Power (Kw)
Performance (%)
Food voltage
220 V.

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