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In ClimaMania we distribute the best brands of Multi Split Air Conditioning 3x1.

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With the teams air conditioning MultiSplit 3x1 which offers your online store Climamania, you can arrange 3 rooms with a unique interior unit. 3x1 air conditioning is ideal for air conditioning 3 different rooms or 2 rooms and a living room depends on its configuration.

Air condition 3 rooms in your home or office with 3x1 air conditioning with only one outdoor machine. Configure it as you want, 3 rooms, 2 rooms and a living room...

3x1 multi-split air conditioning

If you need to buy an air conditioner to air condition 3 rooms, but you only want to install a single outdoor unit, the 3x1 air conditioning units are your ideal solution.

At ClimaMania we offer you 3x1 multi-split air conditioners, both from prestigious brands such as Mitsubishi Electric or Daikin, as well as those brands that are not so well-known and have excellent value for money, such as HTW.

When buying a 3x1 multi split air conditioner, you have to take into account that the maximum power that the set will provide you is determined by the outdoor unit. This will be the maximum power of the set, which will be distributed proportionally to the indoor units depending on their power, but it will always be limited as a maximum by the power of the outdoor unit of the set.

All the air conditioners that you will find in this category are highly efficient and have an Inverter compressor that will offer you the best performance in both cold and heat. If you need advice to choose the right model, our technicians are at your disposal to help you.

At ClimaMania we offer an installation service for the 3x1 air conditioning equipment that you buy. Check our installation prices.

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