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SRE 3230 TC paraffin kit with fuel
Estufa de parafina QLIMA TECTRO SRE 1330 TC-2
Estufa de parafina QLIMA TECTRO SRE 1330 TC-2
SRE 3230 TC paraffin kit with fuel
Estufa de parafina QLIMA TECTRO SRE 1330 TC-2
Estufa de parafina QLIMA TECTRO SRE 1330 TC-2

SRE 3230 TC paraffin kit with fuel

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Kit composed of Electronic paraffin stove QLIMA TECTRO SRE 3230 TC + 20 liter of fuel

  • Power: 1.08 - 3 kW.
  • Room volume to heat: 48m3 (min.) – 120m3 (max.)
  • Consumption: 0.113 - 0.313 l/h
  • Deposit capacity: 5 L
  • Deposit autonomy: 16 - 44 h
  • Fuzzy logic

Characteristics of the Paraffin stove QLIMA SRE 3230 TC

Main technical characteristics:

  • Power: 1.08 - 3 kW.
  • Room volume to heat: 48m3 (min.) – 120m3 (max.)
  • Consumption: 0.113 - 0.313 l/h
  • Deposit capacity: 5 L
  • Deposit autonomy: 16 - 44 h
  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Electrical consumption at ignition: 335 W
  • Electrical Consists in operation: 78-123 W
  • Sound level: 28 - 35 dB
  • Dimensions: 371 x 299 x 429 mm
  • Weight: 7.7 Kg

Exclusive combustion system:

This stove is equipped with a combustion system that heats quickly and gradually.

Timer 24 hours:

This function allows to schedule the burning of the stove in the next 24 hours. This device, together with the built-in thermostat, allows the desired temperature to be programmed when we get home to the office...

Automatic stop:

This additional security system automatically cuts the operation of the stove after 36 hours of continuous operation. Use the emergency button when you want to stop the stove immediately.

Integrated Termostato:

This stove has incorporated a thermostat that in case of internal overheating of the stove, is automatically shut down.

Safety lock for children:

This stove is equipped with a button that blocks all the functions of the stove, except the on and off button.

Clean hands cap.

Temperature sensor:

This stove is automatically switched off when the ambient temperature is too high, avoiding the risk for lack of oxygen.

Automatic fan control:

Thanks to the built-in fan, the heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the room. Depending on the selected operating mode, the desired temperature and the existing one actually is regulated automatically and in conjunction with the heat power of the burner.

Automatic extension mode:

When it is practically empty, the LCD display and a short sound signal are aware of the need to fill the deposit in the next 10 minutes; removing the deposit at that time and filling it externally, the stove will continue to work. With this extension mode, it is possible to extend the duration of the deposit even further. The stove will work about 80 more minutes.

Anti-odor system:

The heating system perfectly balanced, burns almost 100% of all smokes and gases throughout the combustion process (initiated-warming - cooling).

Estufa electrónica
Maximum surface (m2)
Recommended area (m2)
Fuel type
Power (Watt)
Superficie mínima en m2 (con altura de 2,4m)

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