Envio Gratis a Península

Shipping conditions:

In ClimaMania we offer you the possibility that you can come to collect your order to our warehouse of the C/Hondures, 32 Barcelona, or that we send it directly to your home (at no cost for all those shipments to the Peninsula).

In the rest of areas, the amount will vary depending on the weight and destination, and the amount will always be indicated before the order is made. In the event you want the delivery at any location not indicated on our website, contact us and we will give you an assessment.

Conditions of transport and delivery

The conditions of delivery of the goods delivered by ClimaMania when travelling to paid goods, or through the price supplement indicated on our website will be as follows:

  • The commitment to deliver the goods is on the street.
  • In case of specifying the delivery at a certain time, ClimaMania will transmit this information to the transport agency, there is no commitment to compliance given the goods travels by conventional transport and in many cases it is not possible to vary the previously established distribution routes.
  • In bulky or heavy deliveries, it is important to note that in delivery trucks usually only goes the driver, so it is the customer's responsibility to guarantee the necessary means for the discharge of the goods.
  • In case of specifying any delivery service that does not adapt to these conditions, contact us and we will study the possibility of offering it, as well as the cost it entails.

Compliance with delivery time:

At ClimaMania we work to guarantee the delivery date of your orders by complying with the date we tell you on most occasions.

However, keep in mind that depending on the availability of the product and its location in our warehouse network, there will be occasions when the date that appears is to be considered as estimated.

If you want to be completely sure when we are sending your product, you can call us on the phone at 93 328 24 21 and our business team will be happy to assist you.

Form of payment chosen:

The delivery time indicated begins to count from the formalization of the order and the payment of the full amount, so if you have chosen as a form of payment bank transfer, your order may be delayed one more day than indicated, which is the time that passes since your financial entity transfers the amount of your order to our bank.

Therefore, as far as this section is concerned, the fastest way we form your order will be

  • When you pay for it by direct entry to our Banco de Sabadell or CaixaBank account
  • When you make the transfer payment and your banking entity is also the Banco de Sabadell or CaixaBank
  • When the chosen form of payment is VISA

As we have indicated before, if your entity is different from the Banco de Sabadell and you choose payment by bank transfer, the shipment will be delayed one day.

In our hand is to make every effort to get your order out of our warehouses as soon as possible, and to work with the transport agencies that guarantee the best service.

But you must also note that the carrier will need a few hours to take the order to your home.

On the following map you can see the average time of transportation from ClimaMania to your province that is usually met with the mode of transport shipping by conventional transport

tiempos de transito en pedidos