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Water accumulators

In ClimaMania we distribute the best brands of electric thermos and water interacumulators.

Precio acumulador agua chaffoteaux
Precio interacumulador Cointra

Them water accumulators and interacumulators (heaters with heat exchanger) are indicated to be connected to a solar thermal installation or directly to a circuit thermal emitters or radiators. The water of the circuit provides a heat that passes through the inner serpent that incorporates and thus produces a thermal exchange that gets the temperature of the hot water we use in our home.

Water accumulators


Water Interacumulator Chaffoteaux BCH-200
Precio €899.00
(Iva Incluido)

Water Interaccumulator CHAFFOTEAUX BCH-200

  • Multiposition vertical installation
  • Capacity of 200 liters
  • with a snake.
  • Electric support resistance and optional Mural/Soil Installation Kit
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